Blackview R3 Max Waterproof Outdoor Fitness Smartwatch

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✔ Body Temperature Monitoring
✔ Heart Rate & Blood Oxygen Monitoring
✔ IP68 Waterproof
✔ 15-day Battery Life




Blackview R3Max

Wearable Joy That Lasts Forever

  • 1.69-inch LCD Display
  • 15-day Battery Life
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • Various Watch Faces
  • 25 Workout Modes
  • 24-hour Heart-rate Tracking
  • 24-hour SpO2 Monitoring
  • Calls & Messages Notification
  • Body Temperature Record

An Ode to the Timelessness

Manufactured with a zinc alloy case that is solid and smooth, R3Max presents its ultimate elegance from every angle. Its 1.69-inch large LCD display and curved glass edge are a symbol of personality and futuristic sense. Your own story unfolds from the second you wear R3Max with colourful versions.

Three Watch Faces

In need of different watch faces to match your everyday outfits? R3Max with three delicate faces allows you to transform it in accordance with what you wear that day. The watch livens every ordinary day up and makes each glimpse at it an expectation.

Calls & Messages Notification
Stay in Touch All the Time

Afraid of missing any incoming calls or messages when it is inconvenient for you to look at the smartphone? R3Max helps here by sending reminders telling you there are unread messages, push notifications from social media or important calls.

Body Temperature Monitoring
Know Your Celsius Changes

Keeping track of body temperature all the time is crucial. R3Max can help you understand your 24 hours temperature changes better and take care of yourself.

Sleep Hours Record
Sleep Better, Live Better

Be afflicted by poor sleep? R3Max records your deep and light sleep time by analyzing your heart rate and movement during sleep so that it can offer precise suggestions for the improvement of sleep patterns and enables you to sleep tight at night.

Heart Rate and Blood Oxygen Monitoring
Every Beat and Circulation Under Control

Blood oxygen saturation is a vital sign that reflects metabolic circulation while heart rate indicates the cardiac condition. R3Max provides 24-hour detection of blood oxygen and heart rate with a built-in improved VC32 sensor so that you are well informed of your own health and be prepared in advance in case of a physical illness.

Comprehensive Understanding of Your Sport

Excellent Sport Partner

With support for 25 workout modes tracking, each time your run, jump, squat or walk, X3Max provides real-time detailed metrics about calories, miles or steps and more. Professional analysis of your exercise inspires you to train better and build a better self.

  • Skipping
  • Walking
  • Tennis
  • Table tennis
  • Badminton
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Outdoor Running
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Climbing
  • Rugby
  • Free Training
  • Cricket
  • Sit-ups
  • Volleyball
  • Spinning Bike
  • Yoga
  • Dancing
  • Hockey
  • Indoor Running
  • Boating
  • Gymnastics
  • Jumping Jack

Breathing Training
Exhale and Inhale
Better during Every Exercise

Take your full mind to breathe with
careful instructions from R3Max.

Sedentary Alert
Stand up and Stretch More
Refresh Body More

Does your backbone hurt a lot because of a long-sitting lifestyle? You would like a timely reminder to tell you that it is time to leave your chair and stretch your neck, back and shoulders. R3Max can do that for you by allowing you to set sedentary alerts, lessening the risk of stiff muscles.

230mAh Large Battery
Keep You Accompanied Longer

R3Max, equipped with an advanced algorithm and enhanced chipset, is more power efficient than its predecessor by 30%. It packs impressive battery performance into a slimmer and lighter body.

60 Days Stand by

12-15 Days Typical Use

IP 68 Waterproof
Deeper into the Water without Worries

Want to know the time when you are surfing in the sea or swimming in a pool? R3Max has it covered! The watch works perfectly fine even 10 meters below the water surface. Keep plugged into your world without ending aquatic fun.

  • Music Playback Control
    Play Your Music Between Fingertips

    Raise your wrist with a light tap on R3Max to stop or continue your music time.

  • Language Support
    Localized Details, Convenient Use

    R3Max surely knows more about you with 8-language support.

  • Find My Phone Or Watch
    Never Get Lost

    Let R3Max find your phone or vice versa, which is easy and quick!


Blackview R3Max
Dimension 43.3*36.5*9.6mm
Weight 25g
Color Black watch + Black strap
CPU Realtek8762CK_VD
Screen Size 1.69 Inch
Resolution 240*280 pixel
Battery 230mAh Standby: >60 days Typical Use: 12-15days;
Language English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese,
Russian and Japanese.


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