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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Laybyshop, and how does it work?

Laybyshop is a lay-by-only online store. Lay-by helps you to make purchases without any upfront money and without interest. It is designed to fit your lifestyle and your budget.

To place a lay-by order, you need to browse the store, add the items to your cart and then choose a payment plan that suits you (from 4 payments to a year). Once the final payment has been successfully processed, we will arrange to ship the product to you.

How much time do I have to pay before I receive my order?

We ship out your order once it has been paid in full, just like a traditional in-store lay-by. 'Take home lay-bys' are not allowed.

Can I place more than one lay-by at a time?

Yes! You can place as many lay-by orders as you like so long as payment obligations can be met.

How do I know if my order has been successfully placed?

After completing the order, you will receive a confirmation email, including the order number, your ordered items, payment plan, and personal details. Please review this confirmation email carefully, and if anything is incorrect, be sure to contact our Customer Service team immediately.

What payment plans are there?

It is easy to choose your own payment plan as you checkout. Choose between weekly, fortnightly, or monthly payments. Then select how many payments, i.e., from 4 weeks to 52 weeks, or 1 month to 12 months. Choose the start date for your first payment. That's it! The cart will automatically calculate your installment amounts and tell you the estimated delivery date for your order based on the payment plan chosen.

Can I pay off my lay-by early or make extra payments?

Yes! You can make additional one-off payments by emailing us at customer service with the order number, the amount you wish the extra payment to be for, and the date you would like it processed.

Can I "Buy Now" without having to lay-by?

No, as we are a lay-by store, we require a minimum lay-by term of 4 payments.

Why can't I apply a voucher code to my Gift Card order?

Gift cards cannot be discounted, so voucher codes will not apply to any order which includes a Gift Card. Please use your voucher code for a different order.

Can I change the items on my order during the lay-by?

As a general rule, we can change items on your order during your lay-by up to four times - please get in touch with Customer Service, and we can arrange this for you. Please note changes may not be possible if there are less than 4 weeks to go until your final payment.

When will my item be delivered?      

Allow between 7-14 days after the final payment has been successfully processed for delivery to occur. This timeframe may be longer for some remote areas.

What end date should I set if I require delivery for Christmas?

If you require delivery of your order in time for Christmas, please ensure the final payment is successfully paid by 15th November.

What if I get a faulty item?

If you receive a faulty item, please contact our Customer Service team immediately, and we will endeavor to repair or replace the item as soon as possible.

How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel at any time before your second last payment. If you want to cancel your order, email us at and let us know, and please quote your order number so our team can help you. There may be a Termination Fee as per our Terms and Conditions. We will only charge you extra if you have paid as much as the fee. The Termination Fee covers our merchant fees and other associated costs for creating and processing your order.