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Motorola Edge 30 5G

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Condition: Brand New
Storage: 128 GB
Color: Meteor Grey

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About this item

The new motorola edge 30 helps you tell your story with more clarity and focus. With our most advanced 50 MP camera, you can shoot with faster, more accurate autofocus, capture razor-sharp low-light images, and record over a billion shades of colour. That’s just the beginning. Bring your favourite movies and games to life on an ultra-smooth 144 Hz 6.5" OLED display and listen with multidimensional Dolby Atmos® sound. Start every journey with one of the thinnest 5G smartphones, packing tons of the latest technology into a sleek, ultra-modern design. So, give it your best shot. Find your edge with motorola edge 30.

Key Features

Instant all-pixel focus, OIS, and HDR10 recording

50 MP high-res ultrawide + macro camera

Ultra-smooth 144 Hz display + Dolby Atmos® audio

Super slim, modern design

Unleash your phone with Ready For

Snapdragon® 778G+ 5G processor

Outstanding battery life + TurboPower™ 30

Love your selfies
Take stunning, high-resolution photos with a dedicated selfie camera. Quad Pixel technology combines every four pixels into one for 4x better low-light sensitivity and brilliant results.

Get professional
Take advantage of this uncompressed image format for greater flexibility and accuracy in editing higher-quality photos.

Over a billion shades of colour
Tell your story with more lifelike, more vibrant colours than ever before. Record videos that meet strict quality standards for colour range, colour accuracy, brightness, and contrast. Enjoy a wider colour gamut and 10-bit colour depth, letting you record with over a billion shades of colour.

The Power Behind the Lens
It takes more than ultra high-res sensors to give you a fantastic camera experience. It would help to have powerful software to make the most of that advanced hardware. Motorola continues pushing the boundaries by introducing new tools and features to help you tell your stories how you want. Whether it’s vlogging or recording with multiple cameras at once, you can create social content as original as you are.

Boost the light at night.
Improve the lighting of your nighttime photos using a RAW-based algorithm. It begins by capturing a 10-bit RAW image, where most processing occurs. The Image Signal Processor (ISP) handles the remaining processing and converts the file to a JPEG. The result is low-light photos with deeper blacks, richer colours, and increased clarity.

Add some wow
Uniquely use colour with Spot Colour mode. Just choose a colour to keep from a particular spot in your photo or video frame, and then turn everything else to black & white. Even switch colours during recording.

Super slow slow-mo
Slow down the action to 960 high-definition frames per second, 4x slower than previous Motorola phones. Record what your eyes can’t see, and shoot videos with a new perspective.

Go paperless
Turn paper documents into digital files using Scan mode. The camera recognizes the outline of any document, which you can adjust, and then saves a JPEG file that you can share with friends or colleagues.

Give your selfies a fresh new look.
Improve your portraits without lifting a finger. High dynamic range (HDR) automatically adjusts the exposure to lighten up shadows while avoiding too much brightness. And Face Beauty now improves your selfies by smoothing out uneven skin tones, even for shots taken with Portrait mode or Night Vision.

Superior photos with AI
Enjoy a state-of-the-art photography experience without any professional training. With artificial intelligence features, including Auto Smile Capture, Auto Night Vision, and Smart Composition, shooting like a pro is a snap.

Brighter pictures, scene by scene.
Powered by artificial intelligence, Shot Optimization selects the recommended mode or camera settings depending on your shooting scene, so you always get the perfect photo.

On the night
Switch to Night Vision mode on the rear or front camera to bring more details out of the dark. You get bright, vivid photos and selfies with stunning clarity and more accurate colours, even at night.