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Motorola Edge 20 5G

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Condition: Brand New
Storage: 128 GB
Color: Frosted Onyx

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About this item

The world has changed. And a new kind of world calls for a new kind of phone. One that takes the latest smartphone experiences to another level, empowering you to tell your story like never before. The new motorola edge 20 was born for this. Featuring an advanced 108 MP camera system, you can capture stunning ultra-high res photos and record ultra-high definition video in 4K. Then bring everything to life in vivid colour on a 6.7" display with the fastest smartphone refresh rate. Even connect your phone to the big screen with Ready For to play games, make video calls, and use your favourite apps. All this power in our thinnest 5G design ever. It’s time to redefine style. motorola edge 20 is here.


Exceptional from every distance
Be ready for any moment, whether it’s far off in the distance or way up close. Capture sharper low-light images with an advanced 108 MP primary camera featuring Ultra Pixel technology—record ultra-high definition video in 4K. Focus from incredible distances with 30x Super Zoom. Fit 4x more of the scene into your frame with the ultra-wide camera. And get up to 5x closer to your subject with Macro Vision.

Take high-res, even higher.
Capture your most true-to-life photos with the 108 MP ultra high-resolution camera, featuring a larger sensor that lets in more light than the first-generation Motorola Edge. Using 9x larger pixels, Ultra Pixel technology provides 9x the light sensitivity. The result? Incredibly sharp and bright images—even in the most challenging light conditions.

Focus from afar
Shoot crystal clear photos from 3x the distance using a dedicated telephoto lens. Or go even further with 30x Super Zoom, capturing details from incredible spaces. Optical image stabilization (OIS) on the zoom camera automatically compensates against blurred images and videos due to unwanted camera movement.

Go ultra-wide or get close up.
One advanced sensor. Two unique perspectives. The 119º ultra-wide angle lens captures the same field of view your eyes see, fitting 4x more of the scene in your frame than a standard lens. Built-in Macro Vision brings you 5x closer to your subject, so you see even the most minor details.

Beautiful selfies, 24/7
Capture Instagram-worthy selfies day or night, indoors or out. The front-facing 32 MP selfie cam gives you Quad Pixel technology with 4x more light sensitivity. And with new features that automatically adjust the exposure and smooth out uneven skin tones for portraits and night shots, you always look your best.

The Power Behind the Lens
It takes more than ultra high-res sensors to give you a fantastic camera experience. It would help to have powerful software to make the most of that advanced hardware. Motorola continues pushing the boundaries by introducing new tools and features to help you tell your stories how you want. Whether it’s super slow motion or split-screen recording, you can create video content as original as you are.

Super slow slow-mo
Slow down the action to 960 high-definition frames per second, 4x slower than previous Motorola phones. Record what your eyes can’t see and shoot videos with a new perspective.

Go paperless
Turn paper documents into digital files using Scan mode. The camera recognizes the outline of any document, which you can adjust, and then saves a JPEG file that you can share with friends or colleagues.

Hear only what you see.
Audio Zoom uses advanced microphones to capture the sound of your subject while filtering out ambient noise and voices.* So now your videos include only the audio that’s intended.
*Audio Zoom activates only when zoomed in at least 2X

Like having your camera crew
Record any two cameras at the same time with Dual Capture mode. Since you and your subject are continuously being captured in split screen, you never miss any of the action—or your reaction. Now available for photos in addition to videos.

Superior photos with AI
Enjoy a state-of-the-art photography experience without any professional training. With artificial intelligence features including Auto Smile Capture, Low Light AI Selfie, and Smart Composition, shooting like a pro is a snap.

Instantly better low-light selfies
When the light is dim, Low Light AI analyses your selfie for potential improvements to brightness and quality. Then it automatically shows you a preview in the viewfinder, so you can see yourself better and line up the perfect shot.